Looking Forward Activities Groups



Ongoing support in those areas of life where positive outcomes are important

Looking Forward Activities run a wide range of Groups which are mainly ‘outcome based’. 

The purpose behind our activities is to give Members more control over their lives and provide the all-important support that will develop self- confidence for the future.

We make sure everything is informal so there’s no sense of anyone being forced down a certain avenue. In subtle and social ways, however, our Groups help to enhance personal development. They help everyone to get on with life and overcome potential setbacks.

We always look to the long term where improving life skills provides cumulative benefits. We help to enhance social skills so everyone can look forward to enjoying a happy and full life where social interaction brings its own rewards.

Where are our groups?

  • Monday  10.00am – 2.00pm –Northwich (transport available from Northwich/Middlewich/Winsford/Holmes Chapel/ Macclesfield/Congleton)
  • Tuesday 10.00am – 4.00pm – Northwich Healthy Lifestyle Group – take part in various activities including badminton, gym, swimming & exercise classes  (transport included) 
  • Wednesday 9.00-1.00pm or 9.00-4.00pm  – Northwich (transport available)
  • Wednesday 1.30-3.30pm Drop in Drama Session at Northwich & District Youth Centre (£4.00)
  • Wednesday 1.00-4.00pm – Northwich Cafe Vocational skills opportunities – see Groups/work skills opportunities on the homepage tab
  • Thursday 10.00am – 3.00pm (starts May 2nd)  transport available from Helsby/Chester/Ellesmere Port
  • Friday  9.00am – 1.00pm – Northwich (transport available) afternoon social group follows on until 4.00pm
  • Friday 10.00am – 3.00pm – Ellesmere Port & Chester Healthy Lifestyle Group – take part in various activities including gym, swimming, badminton, table tennis, exercise classes etc.  (transport included) and enjoy a healthy lunch out with your friends 

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List of activities April 19

 Positive Outcomes Make Positive People!

cooking class group

Everything we do is focused on creating great results for people with learning disabilities. The Groups we run provide the personalised and friendly support that is essential to achieving life-enhancing outcomes. These include:

  • Being Healthy
    • We introduce a variety of sports and leisure activities (dancercise, hockey, bowling, badminton, local walks and more) to improve physical and emotional health
    • Guidance on healthy eating, how to cook simple meals and enjoying eating out
  • Staying Safe
    • Embracing good road safety practices
    • Planning journeys when using public transport
    • ‘Staying Safe’ workshops using drama-based role-playing
    • Food hygiene and hand hygiene awareness
    • Internet safety
    • Basic first-aid skills with hands-on demonstrations from invited professionals
    • Self Defence workshops
  • Enjoy and Achieve
    • Creating a fun place to enable socialisation
    • Building confidence through games, team working and drama
  • Making A Positive Contribution
    • Planning ahead with Looking Forward Groups and Activities
    • Plan and contribute to social activities to Develop positive relationships
    • Discovering the local community – and getting involved!
  • Achieving Economic Well being
    • Develop work skills
    • Develop personal and social skills
    • Discussing key topics such as how to live independently, going out to work etc


 NEW ASDAN challenges and workshops

A flexible way to recognise and reward small steps of achievement, with a focus on personalised learning and progression.

Check Out Who’s Eligible…

  • People with a learning disabilities/difficulties
  • Have independent personal care skills
  • Behaviour that won’t risk a Member’s own safety-or the safety of other Members and Staff
  • You will need to register for Activities or for Looking Forward Groups


To find out more, please call Michelle Turner on 07511 189331 or fill out the form on our contact page here >